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Advanced neurological diagnostic software

Integrate advanced neurological diagnostics into one seamless, AI-powered platform with NeuroMatch — revolutionize your EEG analysis and clinical workflow to achieve quicker, more comprehensive results.

The NeuroMatch Platform
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Analytics provide AI-filtered EEG signals and integrated 3D digital models of brain activity.
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Web-based tools enable collaborative EEG review and results based care unconstrained by the walls of a hospital.
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4D visualizations create an all new dimension in EEG review to help you more comprehensively review EEG signals.
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Expand your EEG availability and access to deliver advanced neurology care to those in need, regardless of location.


Challenging the Status-Quo
of Neurological Health

3D and 4D visualization
visualizations icon

“See the Invisible” with
3D and 4D visualizations

Transforms brain signals to intuitive and practical 3D & 4D representations. 4D image visualization methods of source localization harvest 2D and 3D data into an all new EEG signal examination experience for the doctor.
AI Technology
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Increase productivity,
efficiency and accuracy

Seizure and Spike Detection

The NeuroMatch® Seizure and Spike detection features deep machine learning-based AI algorithms to identify potential seizure and spike events.
Graphic of NeuroMatch seizure and spike detection
Graphic of NeuroMatch artifact reduction

Artifact Reduction

NeuroMatch® provides a viewing option that utilizes AI to reduce electromyographic (EMG) and eye movement (EOG) artifacts in a standard International 10-20 EEG montage recording.
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Collaborate with other experts… anytime, anywhere

Extend the reach of your Neurology team while improving access to patient care to those in need with instant web access to diagnostic data stored in the cloud. Multi-physician collaboration increases throughput and decreases costs.
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The Future of EEG Examination


Rapid, Remote, Remarkable

LVIS NeuroMatch® revolutionizes your workflow with cutting-edge AI, 4D visualization technology and remote collaboration tools to assist Epileptologists in the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy.
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Increased Throughput

AI assisted artifact reduction, seizure and spike event detection.
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Better access to care

Physicians can work together remotely as if they were sitting together in the same room to leverage expertise across your team.
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Improved outcomes

Comprehensive reports with AI driven content to help physicians more more comprehensively deliver patient care.

Step-by-Step EEG
Analysis with NeuroMatch


A complete deep scan of the EEG record is always complete by the time you view the first page of EEG signals.


Eliminate distractions related to EMG and EOG by enabling the AI powered artifact filter during automatic paging.


Examine trends in 24 hr. segments to immediately determine the frequency of seizure events detected by NeuroMatch


Examine Spike Events detected by NeuroMatch by utilizing multiple viewing tools that group and average events.


Investigate in all new ways with our multi-dimensional tools that illustrate EEG in 3D with 4D playback.


Reports can be tabulated with 2D, 3D, and 4D information to provide a comprehensive summary of your diagnostic conclusions.
Brain visualization

Transforming Epilepsy Diagnosis & Care

Traditional care computer icon

Specific reader computers are configured with expensive viewing software that must carefully managed and patched.

Hospital IT migrates EEG files to different storage locations that can impact record access and review speed.

Traditional care hours to review icon

Physicians invest hours to review thousands of EEG pages to deduce when and where seizures originate.

NeuroMatch Care
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Patient recordings are uploaded to the NeuroMatch Cloud. The EEG review process is consistently delivered by NeuroMatch.

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Unlimited collaboration and access between clinicians leverages talent and insight

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NeuroMatch 3D technology helps expedite EEG review and reporting for physicians.

NeuroMatch® is Made for Your Practice

Unlock the potential of NeuroMatch® and transform your approach to examining neurological conditions associated with epilepsy.