See the Invisible

LVIS, through our advanced brain network analysis tools (NeuroMatch®), provides Live Visualization to innovate how neurological diseases are examined.
LVIS owns patented technologies and our team includes leaders with strong expertise in neuroscience and engineering. LVIS has been part of the Stanford StartX program, Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign Faculty Fellowship Program, and the NVIDIA inception program. LVIS is also a recipient of the Stanford Spectrum grant, a LIVA NOVA project grant, and the Epilepsy Foundation research grant.

U.S. Regulatory Clearance for Core NeuroMatch Software Platform

LVIS has obtained regulatory clearance for NeuroMatch in the United States and Korea.
NeuroMatch United States FDA Clearance #: K222450
NeuroMatch Korea MFDS Clearance #: KTR-BABA-17212
Certain features shown are not yet cleared in the United States.