See the Invisible

LVIS, through our advanced brain network analysis tools (NeuroMatch®), provides Live Visualization to innovate how neurological diseases are examined.

A leader in cutting edge neural information analysis technology

LVIS is a leader in cutting edge neural information analysis technology that decodes brain networks and provides visualizations assisting neurological disease diagnosis. LVIS owns patented technologies and our team includes leaders with strong expertise in neuroscience and engineering. LVIS has been part of the Stanford StartX program, Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign Faculty Fellowship Program, and the NVIDIA inception program. LVIS is also a recipient of the Stanford Spectrum grant, a LIVA NOVA project grant, and the Epilepsy Foundation research grant.

LVIS’ state-of-the-art 4D live visualization technology elevates the review of neurological signals to a whole new level

With NeuroMatch®, we aim to explore and better understand the intricacies of brain networks like never before. Advanced tools will allow you to dissect, analyze, and visualize the brain’s dynamic processes, providing insights for clinicians that were once unseen.

LVIS has obtained regulatory clearance for NeuroMatch in the United States and Korea.
NeuroMatch United States FDA Approval #: K222450
NeuroMatch Korea MFDS Approval #: KTR-BABA-17212
Certain features shown are not yet cleared or approved in the United States.

Neurological health is the #1 cause of disability worldwide*

The surging demand for neurological diagnosis and treatment exceeds the capacity of the healthcare system. The imbalance will continue to accelerate driven by an aging population with increased social isolation.

In the United States alone, the cost of treating neurological patients is approaching $1T annually**.

The shortage of neurologists (1 per 23,259 people) is a “grave threat”*** as the supply has remained relatively constant.

In addition to the provider shortage, sub-optimal workflows and ineffective therapeutic options further constrain patient throughput.

*New global action plan on epilepsy and other neurological disorders published. (n.d.). Retrieved from

***American Academy of Neurology

Challenging the status-quo of neurological health

The NeuroMatch® Platform

LVIS NeuroMatch® revolutionizes your workflow with cutting-edge AI and web visualization technology to assist Epileptologists in the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy.


AI assisted artifact reduction, seizure and spike event detection.

Increased throughput


Physicians can work together remotely as if they were sitting together in the same room.

Better access to care


Comprehensive reports with AI driven content to help physicians more quickly determine patient care.

Improved outcomes

NeuroMatch® AI Powered Technology

NeuroMatch® AI features automatic removal of blink and muscle artifacts, unveiling the underlying neural activity. It also offers automatic seizure and spike detection with high sensitivity and low false detection rates. Complementing these AI features, NeuroMatch® EEG source analysis further empowers users with dynamic 4D visualization of the EEG on realistic brain models.

Artifact Reduction

NeuroMatch® provides a viewing option that reduces electromyographic (EMG) and eye movement (EOG) artifacts in a standard International 10-20 EEG montage recording.

Seizure and Spike Detection

The NeuroMatch® Seizure and Spike detection features use deep machine learning-based AI algorithms to identify potential seizure (minimum 10 seconds in duration) and spike events and annotate each detected event with unique identification.

3D & 4D Visualizations

Transforms brain signals to intuitive and practical 3D & 4D representations. 4D image visualization methods of source localization harvest 2D and 3D data into an all new EEG signal examination experience for the doctor.

NeuroMatch® is Made for Your Practice

Unlock the potential of NeuroMatch® and transform your approach to examining neurological conditions associated with epilepsy.

The Science

“It is critical to directly measure how the brain circuit elements communicate, i.e., create a ‘digital twin’, to restore brain function.”

Jin Hyung Lee, PhD, Founder, LVIS Corporation